Religion in Disney's The Lion King

Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the Circle of Life

Sacrificial love is another major religious theme of The Lion King.  On two occasions Simba’s uncle Scar puts Simba in a dangerous situation and Mufasa is forced to put himself into danger to save him.

The first incident happens when Scar “accidently” tells Simba there is an elephant graveyard and it’s not safe, he shouldn’t go. Simba and Nala make their way to the graveyard and get themselves into trouble with the hyenas Scar had sent after them.  Mufasa shows up at the last moment and saves them both, bringing them home safely.

The second incident would be Scar’s final attempt to kill Mufasa and Simba. Scar plans a “surprise” for Simba and sets him up so he is left by himself in an open space. Scar’s hyenas then chase a heard toward Simba and he is in the path of the stampede. Scar alerts Mufasa of what is going on and Mufasa leaves to save Simba.  When Mufasa does rescue Simba, he tries to then save himself by climbing up a rock, and Scar throws Mufasa back into the stampede to die.        

These are two examples of sacrificial love where Mufasa sacrificed his life and in the end lost it, to rescue his son.




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